Unlocking the Secrets of Beach Waves: The Magic of Salt Water for Your Hair

When was the last time you visited a beach? Is the scent of the creamy sunscreen and the salty breeze still present? What about the sound of distant children laughing and the breaking waves?

To follow up, could you please tell me how your hair felt and looked after you left?

Hopefully, you were able to get off the sand and catch some iconic beach waves! However, you may have also felt a slight sense of dryness and heaviness.

So, is salt water good for your hair? The answer is yes.

Salt water is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, like potassium, sulfur, and magnesium. It gives benefits to skin and hair health.

Additionally, sea salt naturally exfoliates, which may aid in promoting scalp clarity. For greasy or oily scalps, this is very helpful in encouraging healthier, thicker hair development.

To be effective, ocean water for hair needs certain balance components. But first, let’s talk about beach waves before we discuss balancing!

Sea Salt for Sandy Waves

Beach waves have gained popularity even among people who don’t live close to the ocean because of their volume and definition. And it makes sense—they can have a casual, careless, and effortless appearance. Who doesn’t enjoy the heat-free style, too?

However, how can applying seawater to hair result in large, sandy waves? In the end, texture is what matters.

Tiny salt crystals found in salt water stick to your hair. Your hair’s cuticles absorb salt and hydrogen when it becomes wet from the ocean. As a result, the hair gets denser, and more volume is added to the shaft. As a result, everyone’s hair will have gorgeous waves and curls.

However, people who live far from the seaside shouldn’t give up! This summer, you can look like a sea goddess with certain items.

While we’re talking about it, there’s a chance that certain products are superior to the real thing because there is a drawback to utilizing ocean water for hair.

When Ocean Water for Hair Becomes Too Salty 

Beach waves are amazing, but let’s face it—hair from the beach doesn’t always feel great.

Hair that has been exposed to salt water may feel dry and parched to the touch, heavy or weighed down, and have a gritty, filmy residue. And tangles are definitely in the forecast when there’s wind at the beach.

Why then does this occur? Ocean water is a major component of many hair products, thus it must be beneficial to hair.

The cuticle swells with salt when the hair is drenched in seawater. Excessive salt exposure causes the hair to become dry and brittle, which irritates the scalp. Not to mention that beaches are frequently windy, and you don’t want tangles mixed up with a grainy texture.

However, don’t let that stop you from making those beachy waves or visiting the beach! You can still see is ocean water good for your hair when you take care of your hair the following day. In the end, hydration is essential for counteracting the effects of salt water, and using a hair mask is one of the quickest ways to hydrate your hair. Don’t forget to sip on lots of water!

You’ll have to wash your beach waves eventually. However, when you do, go slowly and use a moisturizing, clarifying shampoo. For added benefit, use an especially nourishing conditioner afterward.

Seawater for Hair Treatments

With sea salt hair treatments, your locks will receive more advantages from the ocean while sustaining less damage. A few spritzes of hair mist will have you ready for a stroll on the beach!

Even with sea salt sprays, though, it’s recommended hair avoid using them frequently as they can accumulate on the scalp and give it an unwanted texture.

Texturizing Herbivorous Coconut Sea Mist Salt Spray

Herbivores deliberately created their seaside, windy hair mist to resemble the ocean. Coconut water balances hydration while salt water works to give your locks volume and definition. Essentially a tropical escape in a bottle, this spray also contains the deliciousness of vanilla.

Alaffia Daily Texturizing Spray with Coconut Extract

Alaffia’s texturizing spray strikes the perfect balance between sea salt and coconut water which is ethically traded. Coconut water moisturizes and softens the hair strands, while sea salt has benefits for the scalp and hair. Not to mention, the aroma of these components combined is exquisite! A bonus is that their goods have Fair Trade and EcoCert certifications.

Completely Natural Mint & Kelp Volumizing Shampoo

There are moments when it seems like shampoo is designed to be abrasive, leaving behind damage that your conditioner needs to fix.

This isn’t how shampoos have to operate, and in fact, it shouldn’t! Thanks to the nourishing properties of kelp, aloe, and rose hydrosol, this volumizing shampoo is both hydrating and volumizing. Additionally, this shampoo contains moderate cleaning characteristics for the scalp thanks to the French sea salt, and seaweed collagen gives the hair a bright shine.

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