Why Can’t I Drink Alcohol Anymore Without Feeling Sick?

Alcohol is an interesting drug because of its unusually free availability for the number of adverse effects it can have on a person. Any other drug that had as many side effects as alcohol would be heavily regulated (if not banned) if it came out today.

One of alcohol’s more nuanced side effects is its wide array of tolerance behaviors. Many frequent drinkers spend years developing a tolerance (needing more to get tipsy or drunk) only to have it suddenly make them sick. If you’re asking: “Why can’t I drink alcohol anymore without feeling sick?” Here are a few possible reasons.

Aging Out

As you age, your metabolism changes such that you may process alcohol differently. You have fewer enzymes that break down alcohol, which in turn lowers your tolerance. This is why many people “age out” of their heavy drinking phase.

Alcohol toxicity may also exacerbate other age-related health problems you may be having. For instance, if you’re beginning to struggle with balance, intoxication may make that worse and produce a feeling of nausea. The combined sensation would be as if the alcohol itself was making you feel ill.

Change in Body Mass

It’s also very common for people to give up drinking along with over-eating and a sedentary lifestyle. The push towards a healthier lifestyle is often, therefore, associated with a marked decrease in body mass.

If you try to drink as much as you used to, you will likely consume far more alcohol than your body can tolerate. Matching your level of alcohol consumption to what it was when you were heavier will mean more alcohol in your bloodstream per pound of body weight. This will get you far closer to alcohol poisoning than it used to.

The Adverse Effects of Combining Alcohol With Medication

Many medications will tell you not to drink alcohol while you’re taking them. This warning usually comes because the toxins either overlap with the medication and become dangerous (benzos or opioids) or because the alcohol may negate the medication (antidepressants).

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) can sometimes accompany other drug-use disorders. Alcohol is almost sure to make you feel sick in this scenario because of the combination and the fact that your immune system will be nearly depleted.

It’s critical that you get immediate assistance if you’re combining drugs and are unable to stop. This detox center in Phoenix, AZ, has plenty of research material and programs available if you’re looking for expert advice. Visit their webpage today if you want sophisticated care or more detailed information on detoxing.

Why Can’t I Drink Alcohol Anymore Without Feeling Sick: The Universal Answer

You can also answer “Why can’t I drink alcohol anymore without feeling sick?” with a universal answer: your body has had enough. Illness in a drinking context is a signal that more alcohol will do physiological damage.

Damage can be life-altering whether it’s because of age, a weight-related decrease in tolerance, or the presence of medication. If you’re aware of such damage but aren’t able to stop, then it’s crucial that you get counseling.

Counseling can open up a world of healing and possibilities. Learn more about health and wellness by reading more of our informative articles.

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