Top 10 Drum VST Plugins for 2024

Drum VSTs’ can turn a track from mediocre to mega, but which ones are actually worth investing in?

The quest for the perfect drum sound is at the forefront of music production for musicians, DJs, and producers across the globe. If that sounds like you, where should you look on your hunt for the best beat? Well, drum VST plugins, of course. 

The right drum VST plugins can transform a flat track into a rhythmic masterpiece, providing the backbone to any genre of music. 

We’re exploring the cream of the crop, presenting the top 10 drum VST plugins for the year. So your productions can finally stand out from the crowd for unparalleled sound quality and creativity.

Criteria for Selection

Before we jump straight into what we’re looking for in great drum VST plugins, let’s first define what a drum VST actually is. 

Put simply, a drum VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugin is software that emulates the sounds of drums and percussion instruments within a digital audio workstation (DAW). It’s a virtual instrument that can be played and programmed to create drum tracks for music production and composition. 

Here are some key features of great drum VST plugins:

  • Sound Library

They come with massive libraries of drum and percussion sounds sampled from real instruments. 

  • Programming and Sequencing

Users can directly program drum patterns and sequences within the plugin interface.

  • Customization and Control

Drum VST plugins can provide more extensive options for sound customization.

To narrow down the best from the vast market, we considered a few key factors.

Sound Quality

The essence of any drum VST worth its salt lies in its sound quality. A plugin offering rich, dynamic, and authentic drum sounds can really significantly enhance all areas of your music production.


Most music makers don’t stick strictly to one style of music, so a plugin’s ability to adapt to different genres is absolutely crucial. Versatility ensures that whether you’re laying down a hip-hop track or an electronic banger, your drum VST software has got you covered.


No one wants to get frustrated when making music magic. Ease of use is paramount. A straightforward, easy-to-understand interface with intuitive controls makes the creative process much smoother. 


Affordability without compromising quality is an obvious criterion, but still well worth including in the list. We’re looking for plugins that offer great value for money, making them accessible to both aspiring artists and seasoned professionals.


As a producer, you’re likely working with several bits of software and protocols. Ensuring the plugin works seamlessly with various DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) across different operating systems is an absolute must for hassle-free production.

Updates and Support

Regular updates and reliable customer support signify a company’s commitment to its product’s longevity and user satisfaction. It also means the product will stay relevant and useable much longer. 

It’s a lot of criteria to consider, so don’t worry if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

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Add drum track to your music for a deeper, fuller sound / Image: Pixabay / Pexels

Top 10 Drum VST Plugins for 2024

Here we are; we’ve made it to our top 10 list of drum VST plugins for 2024. 

So let’s jump right in:

  1. Superior Drummer 3 by Toontrack 

Known for its extensive library and realistic drum sounds, this VST offers deep customization and playability.

  1. Addictive Drums 2 by XLN Audio 

Featuring a wide range of drum kits and a user-friendly interface, XLN Audio’s option suits a variety of music genres.

  1. Steven Slate Drums 5 (SSD5) 

With detailed and dynamic samples, you can access authentic drum sounds to focus on realism in your music. 

  1. EZDrummer 2 by Toontrack 

A more streamlined and accessible version of Superior Drummer from the same makers, this one is known for its ease of use and high-quality sounds.

  1. BFD3 by FXpansion 

Provides realistic acoustic drum sounds with extensive editing capabilities and a detailed sound library; this offering is a great all-rounder.

  1. GetGood Drums 

Want something that goes a little harder? Popular among rock and metal producers, this VST is famous for its aggressive drum sounds and flexibility.

  1. NI Battery 4 

A powerful drum sampler with a vast library and deep sound editing features, it’s a suitable option for electronic music production.

  1. Slate Digital SSD5 

Another entry from Steven Slate, this VST offers high-quality drum kits emphasizing mix-ready sounds for ease of use.

  1. Groove Agent 5 by Steinberg 

Delivers а blenԁ of асoustiс аnԁ eleсtroniс ԁrum sounԁs with integrаteԁ grooves аnԁ раtterns for true versаtility.

  1. Kontakt by Native Instruments

While not асtuаlly а ԁrum VST, Kontаkt hosts thirԁ-раrty ԁrum librаries, сontributing unраrаlleleԁ ԁiversity аnԁ quаlity.

In conclusion

The landscape of drum VST software in 2024 is diverse, exciting, and constantly changing. 

From the authenticity of acoustic drums to the futuristic vibes of electronic beats, these top 10 drum VST plugins are poised to be game-changers in the music tech community.

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Have you discovered a hidden gem not listed here? Let the cat out of the bag in the comments below!

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