The Best Places to Play Poker in India

As with many other countries around the world, the gambling laws for India can be complicated. The government still does not widely accept the legitimacy of it as a form of entertainment and it remains illegal across much of the nation.

There are exceptions to that rule though. The overarching legislation is the Gambling Act of 1867, which prohibits it, but the various state legislatures have the freedom to disregard that if they choose.

The three that have chosen to legalize it are Sikkim, Goa and Daman. In those states it is possible to find venues hosting poker games that are the equal of those on offer anywhere else in the world.

This article will take a look at the best places for playing poker if you have the opportunity to travel to India.

Deltin Royale Casino

Deltin Royale is the premier casino chain in India, and it has venues in both Sikkim and Goa. If you are able to choose, it is the latter casino that you should opt to visit though.

It covers roughly 50,000 square feet and has over 1000 table games and slot machines that you can play. It is also a ship, so what you will be experiencing here is a casino on the water, with some impressive views that can be enjoyed in the breaks between gambling sessions. There is also plenty of champagne flowing to keep your spirits high. 

Deltin Royale is noted for its poker in particular, with both high and low stakes games and tournaments. You can brush up your skills by reading up on the various poker hands before you visit, to ensure you are able to stand the pace!

Big Daddy Casino

Goa’s Big Daddy Casino provides another stunning offshore experience located along the Mandovi River – providing for an unforgettable gaming experience regardless of whether or not you end up winning big at the tables! Located near its rival Deltin Royale, Big Daddy offers another breathtaking setting perfect for gambling enthusiasts to visit in Goa.

Even though they offer numerous slot machines and table games, poker reigns supreme here. Their Poker Room provides Texas Holdem, 5 Card Poker, 3 Card Poker and Mini Flush so that each one of you can choose whichever suits their playing skills the best.

Texas Holdem and 5 Card Poker remain two of the most beloved ‘classic’ forms of poker games in India; however, all varieties see regular action at Big Daddy Casino – India’s single largest place for playing this form of the game! Don’t miss this incredible venue.

Casino Mahjong

This casino is located in Sikkim and is owned by the Mayfair Hotels company. It is not as large as the previous two, occupying a total of 7,000 square feet, but it does not waste any of that space. More than 150 table games and slots can be found within its walls.

It is one of the best Indian casinos for taking part in poker tournaments. These are available all the time and attract some seriously good players gambling for high stakes.

Poker is a growing interest among Indians and that fact is reflected in the number of poker games and tournaments its casinos host. Alongside the usual variants, you can also find the likes of Russian Poker at Casino Mahjong, as well as delicious Sikkimese food on the menu.

Casino Pride

Goa loves its aquatic poker venues and Casino Pride is another top class one. It is actually two casinos joined together and sitting over the Mandovi, which is very much the center of the gaming action in the state.

Casino Pride is a smaller venue than either Deltin Royale or Big Daddy and that is the case for its card gaming too. There are lots of different poker games available, including Omaha and Texas Holdem, but they are more relaxed low stakes games compared with the larger venues.

Deltin Jaqk Casino

Whereas all of the other poker places on this list combine gaming with all manner of live entertainment and fine dining, the Deltin Jaqk is more closely focused on the games. This Goa casino is the place to go if you want dedicated poker play.

The Card Room is where you will find the poker games, alongside Rummy and Teen Patti. There are both tournaments and smaller games and the choices include 3 Card and 5 Card Poker.

All of that makes the Deltin Jaqk another of the best places for indulging a passion for poker.

These are the top five places to go within India if you want to find the hottest poker action while you are staying there.

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