Tee Morant Age, Who Is Tee Morant? What Is His Net Worth and All About His Life Journey?

Tee Morant, born Temetrius Jamel Morant on November 15, 1978, has made waves not just within basketball circles but also entrepreneurship and family values circles. Although most may know him for being Ja Morant’s father in NBA circles, his own journey from basketball court to boardroom demonstrates both determination and adaptability.

What Factors Define Tee Morant’s Success?

Tee Morant’s rise to fame can be traced directly back to Ja Morant’s meteoric ascension into the NBA, yet his own story is no less engaging. An accomplished basketball player himself, Tee played alongside notable names like Ray Allen in high school before continuing his basketball journey at college level. Since then he has gone from player to supportive father/coach of Ja, leaving an unparalleled legacy of sportsmanship and dedication within basketball communities that transcend his son.

How Has Tee Morant Contributed to His Son’s Career?

Tee Morant’s role as Ja’s father transcends that of any regular father – he has served as mentor, coach and unwavering support from an early age, helping develop her talent from an early age. Tee’s regular presence at her games with advice and support shows the immense benefit familial support can have in an athlete’s career journey; his dedication to Ja’s development serves as an exemplar of parental involvement driving youth athletes toward greatness.

What Is Tee Morant’s Net Worth?

Tee Morant’s estimated net worth of $5 Million attests to his successful transition from sports career to entrepreneurship. With earnings primarily coming from basketball combined with ventures such as running an independent music label and barber shops, his multifaceted income sources speak volumes for Tee’s financial acumen and adaptiveness – testaments to both his entrepreneurial mindset and successful business acumen.

Who Are Tee Morant’s Family Members?

Tee Morant enjoys an extraordinary personal life as well as professional career. Married to college sweetheart Jamie, Tee is father to Ja and Teniya–both athletes in their own right–who have followed in his athletic footsteps in terms of NBA careers as Ja has made waves while Teniya pursued sports – reflecting Tee’s values of unity, support, and excellence within their family unit.

What Are Tee Morant’s Physical Attributes?

Tee Morant stands 5 feet 10 inches (178 centimeters). His physical presence may not be impressive; however, this is more than compensated by his larger-than-life persona at games where he often cheers and high-fives his son, which serves as a constant reminder of his unwavering support and love for his family. Tee’s physical attributes may not be intimidating but his presence always serves as an unfaltering sign that love runs deep between generations in their family tree.


Tee Morant’s journey from basketball player to entrepreneur and loving father is one of remarkable resilience and change, an example to all who witness him succeed at multiple endeavors throughout his life. Tee’s ability to adapt and excel across various aspects is an inspiration to many; his influence can also be found behind Ja Morant’s success thanks to him providing guidance. Tee has not only set an incredible example for how one should live their life filled with purpose, dedication, and love but has been there every step of the way as his son Ja has developed professionally alongside him!

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