Taib Mahmud Net Worth, Who Is Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud?

Sarawak’s controversial Chief Minister Taib Mahmud is well known for his control of vast land titles and use of power for personal gain, such as through illegal logging practices or awarding state/federal contracts to his family companies for personal enrichment. One Swiss NGO estimated his estimated wealth at USD15 billion making him Malaysia’s richest individual.

Taib Mahmud and His Wealth and Power

Taib Mahmud’s wealth and power has come under scrutiny and criticism. According to a BMF report, Taib is accused of plundering Sarawak’s natural resources for personal gain over three decades – as are his children and siblings with estimated combined net wealth topping USD21 billion!

Impact on Sarawak and Malaysia

The revelations surrounding Taib Mahmud’s wealth and suspected corruption have had serious ramifications on Sarawak and Malaysia as a whole. The report sheds light on corruption issues related to natural resource management contracts as well as government contracts in Malaysian politics; leading to calls for greater transparency and accountability within government dealings.

Calls for Action

The BMF report has generated widespread calls for Taib Mahmud and his family to face justice; environmental organizations have protested timber deals with Malaysia until corruption and illegal logging practices are addressed, while Prime Minister Najib Razak remains silent despite allegations against Taib Mahmud of corruption. The report further raises serious doubts regarding why no action have been taken by Najib against Taib Mahmud himself despite allegations.


The BMF report on Taib Mahmud and alleged corruption has brought attention to Malaysian politics. It emphasizes the need for greater transparency and accountability when managing natural resources – specifically through natural resource contracts – while acting as an important reminder that government officials should take accountability for their actions, with public funds used effectively for citizen benefit.

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