Skyliner Crash Game | Everything You Need to Know

Skyliner crash game is an exciting adventure at online casinos. Much like the and other crash games, it follows a flying object that carries enormous rewards in each round. It has become a popular game in a short time.

This blog looks at everything you need to know about the Skyliner crash game.

Skyliner Game 

Skyliner is an online casino crash game that adds excitement by incorporating iconic city skylines and art deco style. The objective of the Skyliner game is to place a bet on an aircraft as it gracefully glides across the city and cash out before it disappears.  

The timing is everything in the game; the longer you wait, the higher the potential payout, but remember that the aircraft can disappear anytime. Players can enjoy exciting features, including the auto-collect function and live statistics, to ensure an engaging multiplayer gaming experience.

How to Play Skyliner Crash Game?

Understanding the rules is crucial to mastering the Skyliner Crash game and maximizing your gaming experience. Here’s a step-by-step explanation of the Skyliner Crash Game: 

Set Bet Level

Before the aircraft takes off, decide how much you want to bet. Use the +/- buttons to adjust your bet or choose the minimum/maximum level directly. For those who prefer planning, set a collect level and activate the auto collect function for automated cashouts.

Place Bet

Once your bet is set, hit the Place Bet button. Ensure you make your decision before the aircraft starts its journey.

Cash Out

Timing is crucial in the Skyliner crash game. When you feel the multiplier is correct, hit the Collect button to cash out and secure your winnings.

Skyliner Gameplay Features

Here, we have listed the key features that make the Skyliner game unique. 


Return to Player (RTP) is critical to any online casino game. In Skyliner, the RTP stands at an impressive 97.37%. This high RTP ensures you’re playing strategically to enhance your overall success in the game.

Double Bet

For added excitement, Skyliner allows you to make two simultaneous bets in each round. To use this feature, click the plus beneath the first bet button to access the second panel. For players looking for a dynamic and strategic gameplay experience, the double bet feature improves overall excitement and engagement.

Auto Collect

Want to set it and forget it? The auto-collect function is your ally. Choose your desired multiplier level and enable auto collect. This feature will help you cash out on that level until the specified number of cashouts is reached or until you decide to turn off the feature.

Live Statistics

You can use this feature to observe the live statistics on bets placed by yourself and other players. The display on desktop and mobile refreshes after each round, showing the multiplier levels on which users cashed out and their corresponding wins. This feature adds an extra layer of engagement, allowing players to strategize based on recent game outcomes.

Maximum Multiplier

The game thrill intensifies with the possibility of a 10,000x multiplier. You can get your initial bet multiplied by such an impressive multiplier.

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