Simon Jordan Net Worth How Rich is Simon Jordan Now?

Simon Jordan’s multifaceted career has spanned the worlds of football, business, and media. From owning a Premier League football club to becoming a recognized voice on national radio, his journey is a tale of ambition, success, and resilience.

Who is Simon Jordan?

Simon Jordan is a prominent figure in sports media, co-presenting the mid morning program “White and Jordan” on talkSPORT. The show, covering football and boxing, enjoys immense popularity in Great Britain, boasting a record 1.1m weekly reach. Jordan has found success beyond radio. She owns multiple businesses, has written the best selling book ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’, and writes a regular column for MailOnline.

Jordan played football professionally for Crystal Palace and Chelsea until being released at 16. His departure can be traced to lacking the appropriate mindset; nevertheless, this did not deter him as he transitioned toward entrepreneurial ventures and then media.

What is Simon Jordan’s Salary and Net Worth?

Simon Jordan’s salary at talkSPORT remains unknown to the general public; it can only be assumed to be substantial given his prominence and extensive resume. His income streams also include his MailOnline column and book sales. Business magnate Jordan reportedly makes no less than $11 million annually.

Estimating Jordan’s net worth can be challenging, with estimates ranging anywhere from $5m to $100m. A significant moment in his financial journey came during a heated discussion on talkSPORT with Eddie Hearn in which Jordan denied ever going bankrupt during his time with Crystal Palace despite Hearn’s claims of going into bankruptcy during that period.

What Football Team Did Simon Jordan Own?

Simon Jordan made history when he purchased Crystal Palace for £10m in 2000 at 32 becoming one of the youngest chairman in Football League. Under Jordan, Crystal Palace were promoted and immediately relegated from Premier League competition; Simon left as chairman admitting losing up to £30 million during his time there before departing in 2010.

Despite this, Jordan’s passion for football remained. He considered buying Coventry City but ultimately decided against it, highlighting the complexities of owning a football club.

What Businesses Did Simon Jordan Own?

Jordan’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his diverse business ventures. He cofounded the mobile phone business Pocket Phone Shop, which sold for £73m, netting him £36.5m. He also co-founded ‘Octane’, a car magazine, and later sold his share after four successful years.

Jordan’s business endeavors extended to the hospitality industry with the opening of Club Bar and Dining in London, which he later sold to the Ottolenghi Group. His interest in boxing promotion indicates a desire to venture into new ventures and open another chapter in his dynamic career.


Simon Jordan has created an intriguing tale in his life story that weaves sports, business acumen and media presence together seamlessly. His journey, marred with both successes and setbacks, illustrates resilience and adaptability necessary to thrive across different fields as Jordan continues to navigate his own interests, his story can serve as an inspirational model to others striving to achieve greatness across different arenas.

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