Simon Guobadia Net Worth, How Rich He Now? Know Age, Lifestyle, Wife & More

Simon Guobadia, a Nigerian-born entrepreneur, has made waves across various sectors such as real estate, petroleum, entertainment, and philanthropy. Estimates put his net worth at approximately $40 Million which speaks volumes of his success and entrepreneurial ability.

Who is Simon Guobadia?

Simon Guobadia was born June 2nd 1964. Known for his oil and gas ventures with Simcol Petroleum, as an executive producer for films such as Son of the South as well as nightlife establishments like The Republic, Guobadia stands tall at 1.8 meters with 85 kilograms as his weight; representing both personal and professional prominence in life. At just 59 years old he remains robust presence both personally and professionally – qualities which reflect on him both professionally.

What Is Simon Guobadia’s Net Worth?

Guobadia has amassed an estimated net worth of around $40 Million through his success as an entrepreneur in real estate and petroleum business, entertainment business and philanthropy – his exact worth remains undisclosed but this success in so many different fields suggests it could potentially surpass even this estimate.

Simon Guobadia’s Personal Life: Marriage and Controversies

Simon Guobadia has made headlines due to his marriage of reality television star Porsha Williams in November 2022, as it has attracted widespread discussion due to its rapid progression and Falynn Guobadia being Falysha Williams’ acquaintance on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Regardless, Simon and Porsha appear content and continue working through Simon’s ongoing legal battle over citizenship status.

Simon Guobadia’s journey from Nigerian entrepreneur to multifaceted US businessman is truly inspirational, his net worth of $40 Million attesting to the hard work he put in, his diverse ventures, despite personal difficulties and controversy that may arise in their professional ventures, becoming one of the more iconic figures within both entrepreneurship and entertainment industries.

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