Severance Season 2 Release & What Caused the Production Delay?

Lumon Industries and its employees who have been “severed” are set to return, as production for Apple TV+’s “Severance” begins its second season. Already captivating audiences with its blend of psychological thriller and corporate drama, Season 2 promises to delve even further into this mysterious organization and its practices; returning characters are joined by new ones as Season 2 promises answers while undoubtedly creating more questions than answers.

What Caused the Production Delay?

Lumon Industries hasn’t experienced an easy return. After its renewal announcement in April 2022, Season 2 of “Severance” encountered significant delays. These initial setbacks can be traced to co-showrunners Dan Erickson and Mark Friedman’s reported disagreement, prompting Beau Willimon, famous for “House of Cards”, to come aboard and stabilize its future. Unfortunately for production, however, problems continued – with writers’ strike in May 2023 compounding delays before SAG-AFTRA strikes further delayed production – yet creative teams worked diligently in keeping quality and vision intact while making upkeep on both counts!

When Will We See Season 2?

Since production resumed on January 29th, fans are eagerly awaiting news of when we’ll see Season 2. However, given its recent restart and gap since Season 1 concluded on April 8th 2022 it appears likely there will be considerable wait time before it hits screens again – late 2024/early 2025 seems most likely as this allows for the careful crafting of narrative and visual styles essential to its appeal.

Who Are the New Faces?

Season 2 of “Severance” promises to introduce an array of new characters, adding even more depth to its already complex narrative. Notable additions include Gwendoline Christie from “Game of Thrones” and John Noble from “Fringe”, as well as Alia Shawkat, Merritt Wever, Bob Balaban, Robby Benson Olafur Darri Olafsson Olafur Darri Olafsson Stefano Carranante as newcomers with unique backgrounds that promise exciting roles to “Severance”.

What Can We Expect from the Plot?

Lumon Industries employees who undergo surgical separation between work and personal memories. In season 2, Lumon employees undergo another such surgery to separate work memories from personal ones, leading them down a dangerous and unpredictable journey that brings both personal and corporate implications for themselves as individuals and Lumon itself to consider the full implications of this decision both personally and corporately. New characters appear, expanding the universe further while giving us insights into Lumon’s history, its mysterious leaders, and why and when this procedure was started in the first place. Expect suspense, drama, and dark humour all while exploring themes related to identity, memory loss and corporate control!

How Will the Characters Evolve?

At the core of “Severance,” its characters are beautifully played by an extraordinary cast. Adam Scott as Mark will become more complex as he decodes Lumon’s secrets; Patricia Arquette as Harmony Cobel; Britt Lower as Helly; John Turturro as Irving; and Zach Cherry as Dylan will each have unique storylines that develop over Season 2, providing viewers with an intricate web of interactions and conflicts that drive the narrative forward.


“Severance” Season 2 promises to be an explosive return to Lumon Industries’ mysterious world. Boasting an incredible cast, both new and veteran alike, and an intriguing plotline combining psychological suspense with corporate drama, “Severance” will captivate audiences once again. While its release may take longer than anticipated, fans and critics alike remain excitedly anticipatory of more updates; no doubt making “Severance” an engaging conversation piece in months to come.

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