Sarah Ziolkowska Behind the Scenes with Nathan Fielder’s Ex-Wife Sarah Ziolkowska

Sarah Ziolkowska has become a beloved face in Canadian comedy after marrying actor Nathan Fielder, though much remains unknown about her beyond their marriage. Let us explore Sarah’s early years, career progression and impact of their relationship on one another’s lives.

Who is Sarah Ziolkowska?

Sarah Ziolkowska is a Canadian librarian and reading specialist who became well known through her marriage to comedian Nathan Fielder. Although their marriage garnered much media coverage, Ziolkowska remains relatively low key; little information exists regarding her early life (it is believed she was born around the same time Fielder was). It is thought she hails from Canada.

Ziolkowska began her educational journey at the University of Toronto where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2007. Subsequently she continued at Dalhousie University to obtain both an MSLIS degree as well as the Wilson Reading Systems Certificate awarded by United Latino Student Association. In 2015 she was honored for her commitment to education with being honored with this prestigious recognition from them both.

What Does Sarah Ziolkowska Do?

Sarah Ziolkowska has dedicated her professional life to literature and education. While in postgraduate study at Dalhousie University she held several teaching assistantships; at W.K. Kellogg Health Sciences Library as an intern her responsibilities included creating information literacy webcasts as well as library support services.

Since 2012, Ziolkowska has served as a Librarian and Reading Specialist at Park Century School in Culver City, California. Her role involves instilling an appreciation of reading among her pupils as well as offering tailored support services to accommodate learning differences.

How Did Sarah Ziolkowska and Nathan Fielder Meet?

Sarah Ziolkowska first came into public prominence because of Nathan Fielder. They met at a comedy show in Halifax, Nova Scotia and quickly fell in love. Though they married in 2011, it ended shortly afterwards in 2014.

Fielder became known for his television show “Nathan for You”, thrusting them both into the public spotlight; yet they managed to remain private about their relationship; few details have emerged regarding when or why it ended; Fielder has frequently discussed it during interviews while admitting its emotional cost but emphasizing his ability to move on and find happiness again.

What Is Sarah Ziolkowska’s Current Situation?

Following her divorce from Nathan Fielder, Sarah Ziolkowska has returned to a more private lifestyle. She continues to teach at Park Century School while living in Culver City, California; social media presence remains limited with only LinkedIn being visible online as evidence of Sarah Ziolkowska.

Ziolkowska has always shown an affinity for privacy; even during her marriage to an influential public figure. As such, little information exists regarding her life since divorcing him – something which appears to suit Ziolkowska just fine.


Sarah Ziolkowska’s story stands as proof that not everyone craves fame or celebrity, even when associated with one. Her dedication to both her career and students speaks volumes of who she was as an individual; maintaining privacy amid constant media exposure was especially admirable of her. While marriage to Nathan Fielder led to temporary fame for Ziolkowska, her true legacy lies within contributions she made towards education as a profession as well as commitments made away from public scrutiny.

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