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As Black History Month comes to a close, one pressing issue remains in the US – state-level attempts to limit teaching of America’s racial history in public schools. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is at the forefront of this movement by proposing changes that not only undercut public education but deepen racial divisions further. This article investigates these efforts as well as why America must maintain its true narrative history narratives for future generations.

Who Is Ron Desantis?

DeSantis Proposed Its Florida governor Ron DeSantis is taking an unprecedented initiative to alter the teaching of racial history in public schools in Florida. His plans call for banning teaching of key aspects of America’s past like slavery, Jim Crow segregation laws, and discriminatory treatment against Black students today; DeSantis believes such studies create feelings of guilt among white students while insisting any current issues faced by Black students cannot be linked back to racism; his proposals distort historical truths as well as deny students from an understanding of America’s past history – both goals should be accomplished simultaneously!

Why Is DeSantis’ Approach Misleading?

DeSantis’ educational approach is deeply problematic for several reasons. First and foremost, it promotes an inaccurate account of history by downplaying systemic racism that continues to permeate American society today and by suggesting slavery had benefits rather than inflicting humane suffering on slaves; further, such revisionist history undermines efforts at fighting discrimination effectively and leaves students poorly equipped to navigate complex societies like theirs.

How Can We Counter These Efforts?

To combat regressive educational policies requires collective action and vigilance from everyone across racial lines. Advocating for an accurate portrayal of history in schools through writing articles, letters to editors and public dialogue can raise awareness of any danger posed by these policies; simultaneously demanding accountability from educational institutions and textbook publishers can ensure curriculums reflect historical realities more accurately; by standing firm against attempts to erase or distort American racial history we can protect democracy while working toward building more equitable societies – safeguard our democracy ensuring democracy while creating more just and inclusive societies!


Its America still struggles for greater understanding and justice among races; as recent attempts by Governor DeSantis to restrict teaching about America’s racial history is an alarming development that poses a grave danger. His proposals not only undermine quality public education but also contribute to perpetuating ignorance and division between races. To uphold democratic principles while moving closer towards an egalitarian society it is vital we stand against any attempts at revising history; by doing this we uphold principles like fairness and equal treatment among us all.

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