Nova Whitfield Wiki, Age, Bio, Life, Career, Family And Things You Need To Know

At just four years old, Nova Whitfield has already become a social media sensation. The daughter of comedian and rapper DC Young Fly and actress and model Jacky Oh, Nova’s charm and charisma have captured the hearts of thousands. In this article, we delve into the life of this young star, exploring her background, her parents’ influence, her physical appearance, and her budding professional path.

Who is Nova Whitfield?

Nova Whitfield stands out among four-year olds as she is raised by two prominent members of the entertainment industry. Born October 30 in Atlanta Georgia on October 30, 2016 as an only child to DC Young Fly and Jacky Oh, both well known in Atlanta’s entertainment community respectively; DC Young Fly can often be seen appearing on MTV Wild ‘n Out and Jacky Oh is known for acting, modeling and YouTuber roles respectively. Although she only just turned four herself, Nova has already gained tremendous attention through social media such as TikTok and Instagram where her adorable videos and posts have gone viral – creating quite an audience following on both platforms with audiences that follow along her every move!

What Makes Nova’s Parents Special?

DC Young Fly and Jacky Oh are not only known for their entertainment careers; they are renowned for their loving, supportive relationship. After meeting on the set of Wild ‘n Out and sharing their journey through social media and their respective platforms. DC Young Fly’s musical talent combined with Jacky Oh’s beauty and creativity has cemented them together into an iconic pair. Their commitment to their family including Nova and Nala can be seen both publicly appearing together and through public posts they publish or post publicly online.

How Does Nova Stand Out Physically?

At four years old, Nova Whitfield stands out with her charming physical features. Boasting curly black hair, dark brown eyes and an endearing smile reminiscent of those belonging to both of her parents, Nova is sure to steal any show at play dates or birthday parties! Her height and weight are average for her age group but what truly distinguishes Nova from the crowd will likely be her unique features and natural charm; watching how these develop will certainly prove interesting as time progresses – particularly considering both parents are striking characters themselves!

What Is Nova’s Professional Path?

Nova Whitfield may still be too young for professional success, yet her presence on social media suggests an optimistic outlook for her professional path. Through platforms such as her YouTube channel ‘Novalicious’ and Instagram account she shares glimpses into her daily life with family and fans; through which she builds her brand by showing her personality to an increasingly wider audience. With parents like Michael Ahern as influential figures as well as early exposure to entertainment industry her professional future looks promising.


Nova Whitfield may only be four years old, yet her impact on social media cannot be denied. With her endearing personality and loving parents backing her online presence growth, she’s already become one of the youngest global icons online today – we eagerly anticipate watching how far this young social media star goes in future years!

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