Mike Bickle Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Life, And Personal Life

Who is Mike Bickle?

Mike Bickle is an influential member of American evangelicalism, widely revered for founding International House of Prayer (IHOP). Born in Kansas City, Missouri and attending Fellowship of Christian Athletes conferences since he was fifteen, Bickle first committed himself to evangelical Christianity after hearing Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach speak on their journey into evangelicalism at age fifteen. He eventually established IHOP.

Bickle has served various ministries over his long and distinguished career, such as Metro Christian Fellowship – a megachurch of over three thousand members – for several decades. In 1999 he established IHOPKC which quickly gained notoriety for its “harp and bowl” worship model and 24/7 prayer meetings; under Bickle’s direction IHOPKC expanded further with annual Onething conferences that brought thousands to its doorway with worship music, sermons on prayer evangelism, Christian eschatology sessions.

Bickle has written multiple books covering subjects like prayer, worship, fasting spiritual gifts and the Bible. His teachings often center around developing an intense passion for Jesus while emphasizing both his Great Commandment and Great Commission.

What is Mike Bickle’s Net Worth?

Mike Bickle’s estimated net worth stands at $5 Million. This estimate stems from his roles as pastor, author, and founder of IHOPKC. Bickle can attribute much of his financial success to leading evangelical Christianity as pastor and author with published works as well as growing IHOPKC; though recent controversy may have marred this milestone achievement. Regardless, Mike’s contributions have unquestionably had both spiritual and financial impacts across evangelicalism that cannot be denied.

How Old is Mike Bickle?

Mike Bickle was born in 1955 and has spent most of his adult life dedicated to evangelical Christianity. At fifteen, Mike embraced Christianity fully as part of a lifestyle decision which eventually lead him into ministry leadership roles within religious organizations across North America and eventually abroad. These years of service have equipped Bickle with invaluable wisdom that bears testimony in his later years of age 69 years of life experience he now boasts.

How Tall is Mike Bickle?

Mike Bickle stands at approximately 1.70 meters (5 feet 7 inches). Although his physical stature may not be intimidating, Bickle’s presence within evangelicalism cannot be overlooked. While Bickle may not stand out in terms of height alone, his spiritual leadership and teaching have certainly established him as one of evangelical Christianity’s premier figures.

Controversies Surrounding Mike Bickle

Mike Bickle has made significant contributions to evangelical Christianity; however, his career hasn’t gone unscathed by controversy. In November 2023 he was suspended by IHOPKC due to sexual abuse claims made against him; investigations followed with Bickle admitting past misconduct while disputing certain accusations – the Kansas City Star later published an account detailing grooming and sexual abuse dating back as far as 1985!

These scandals have created waves in the religious community and cast doubt upon Bickle’s legacy. His contributions to evangelical Christianity initially won him praise and admiration; however, during later years his career was marred by allegations which raised serious doubts regarding his conduct as well as how this affected his ministry.

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