Mikaela Testa, A Closer Look at Mikaela Testa as Ryan Garcia’s New Love Interest

Ryan Garcia and Mikaela Testa have become part of his life over time and fans are becoming familiar with them as time goes on. But who exactly is she? Testa is roughly around 23-25 years old like him, while both will turn 24/26 this year (Testa’s birthday being set for March 16).

As Garcia is a boxer, Testa works as a social media influencer based in Australia – specifically Mackay in Queensland where she was born – where she gained prominence through Instagram and TikTok before she was banned due to violating community guidelines; additionally she models exclusively with OnlyF*ns.

Curiously, her OnlyFns content once contributed to her deportation from the US. Last year, she revealed she was detained at an airport in Los Angeles where she was interrogated about what content was uploaded onto her OnlyFns page.

Over recent years, there has been some crossover between combat sports and OnlyFns; numerous women from each world crossing into one or the other. But Testa remains committed to OnlyFns without joining combat sports just yet even though her boyfriend is an internationally acclaimed professional boxer.

Since they only recently began dating, its effects are yet to be seen. Right now her boyfriend is training hard for an April 20 boxing match against undefeated WBC super lightweight champion Devin Haney – something only time will show how their relationship develops further.

These two men have already met six times prior to this tiebreaker bout; with both fighters winning three bouts on an amateur circuit. It will mark their inaugural encounter as professional boxing competitors.

Testa will stand firmly by Garcia in his pursuit of world championship glory.

What was Ryan Garcia’s relationship before Mikaela Testa?

Ryan Garcia had recently confirmed his romance with Mikaela Testa after having previously announced their engagement. Prior to Mikaela Testa entering their lives however, Ryan Garcia was married – including to Andrea Celina who became their ex-wife as well as mother for their daughters and sons.

Unfortunately, Garcia announced his divorce just hours after Celina gave birth on Dec. 23, 2023 – prompting much outrage and ridicule from Celina’s relatives and other observers. Even more scandalously, however, Garcia began dating Testa two months after filing his controversial divorce petition against Celina amidst similar controversies.

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