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Michael Saylor, an American entrepreneur and businessman with an estimated net worth of over a $1 billion, is best-known as co-founder and former CEO of MicroStrategy technology services company for 33 years (Co-Founding/CEO for 13 of those). Saylor’s path in tech has been marked with both achievements and scandal, earning him widespread respect among his colleagues as an influential business figure.

Saylor was born February 4, 1965 in Lincoln, Nebraska to parents enlisted in the US Air Force and his early years were marked by frequent deployment to various Air Force bases around the globe due to his father’s position with them. They eventually settled near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Fairborn Ohio near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where he eventually attended Ohio’s Wright Patterson Air Force Base for academic pursuits before enrolling at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he met Sanju K Bansal who would become his future business partner after initially wanting to become pilot but medical issues prevented this goal from materializing as planned despite initial interest; instead opting instead to focus on technology and business careers than aviation was originally desired due to medical complications related with becoming piloting as opposed to piloting aircraft, due to medical condition he decided on business related technology field instead.

What Is MicroStrategy?

MicroStrategy was co-founded by Saylor in 1989 as data mining software but soon evolved to business intelligence activities. MicroStrategy found initial success early on by landing McDonald’s as its initial client; later that decade Saylor led MicroStrategy public in 1998 – becoming one of the wealthiest individuals in Washington D.C. By 2000. Saylor became one of the richest men.

However, the turn of the millennium presented Saylor and MicroStrategy with several challenges. First was the dot-com bubble burst which saw their share price decline drastically while Saylor saw his personal wealth decline significantly as well as additional turmoil caused by US Securities and Exchange Commission charges against Saylor for inaccurately reporting financial results, leading them to settle without admitting wrongdoing.

How has Saylor’s Bitcoin Strategy Affected MicroStrategy?

MicroStrategy CEO Saylor made headlines in 2020 after revealing their decision to purchase Bitcoin and alternative investments as part of its Treasury strategy, adding hundreds of millions in holdings over time. Saylor himself revealed personal holdings of 17,732 Bitcoin purchased at an average purchase price of $9,882.

However, MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin strategy proved a double-edged sword; by August 2022 they reported losses totaling $917 million in Bitcoin investments which ultimately caused CEO Saylor to step aside in favor of executive chairman Phong Le as CEO of MicroStrategy.

What Other Projects Has Saylor Been Part Of?

Saylor has also pursued other endeavors beyond MicroStrategy. In 1999, he established Saylor Academy – a non-profit offering free college-level online courses – with an aim of making education accessible and has joined with various groups to offer degrees to its participants.

Saylor is also an author; her book titled, “The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything,” published in 2012, explores trends in mobile technology and their possible effects across industries, such as education and healthcare. As of September 2013, “The Mobile Wave” became a New York Times Best Seller.

What about Saylor Real Estate Ventures?

Saylor is known to possess significant wealth that shows both in his business ventures and real estate holdings. Previously residing at Villa Vecchia – an 18,000 square-foot waterfront mansion on Miami Beach with 13 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, grand ballroom and pool pavilion; its dock can dock a 100-foot yacht; Saylor owns multiple homes throughout Virginia as well as one in Miami Beach which showcase his lavish tastes.

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