Lori Mccommas Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Husband And Know Her Career Achievement

Who is Lori McCommas?

Lori McCommas was born June 22 in a Jewish family affiliated with Jehovah’s Witnesses and attended Henderson High School before going on to pursue art and design at Pratt Institute. While attending Pratt, Lori met Terrence Howard; this meeting would lead to both love and heartache in her marriage to Terrence Howard.

Lori was thrust into an unfamiliar and increasingly abusive marriage by her spouse. Yet despite these hardships, she displayed remarkable courage by eventually filing for a divorce in 2003, seeking safer conditions for herself and her children.

What Was Lori’s Marriage to Terrence Howard Like?

Lori McCommas and Terrence Howard’s marriage was marked by intense feelings, with moments of love juxtaposed against abuse from Terrence. What began as college romance soon turned into marriage; unfortunately Lori endured physical abuse at Terrence’s hands before their breakup in 1990.

As the situation escalated, Terrence admitted to hitting Lori in front of their children and was charged with breaking into her house and assaulting her. Though briefly reconciled in 2005, Terrence and Lori eventually parted ways in 2007, marking an emotional chapter of Lori’s life that will never be forgotten.

Who Are Lori McCommas’ Children?

Lori McCommas and Terrence Howard share three children together – Aubrey, Hunter and Heaven. Each has gone their own way; Aubrey identified as queer woman of color while working as breathwork and psychedelic facilitator; Hunter has chosen not to enter public eye so far but works instead as property tax administrator while Heaven, their youngest sibling pursued fashion studies before working production and web content creation for production companies and web platforms.

Lori’s children have flourished despite facing many hardships throughout their upbringing; each contributing meaningfully in various fields.

Who is Terrence Howard?

Terrence Howard, Lori’s ex-spouse and father to their four children, is an actor best known for roles such as those portrayed on “Empire”, “Iron Man”, and “Hustle & Flow”. Although professionally successful, Terrence’s personal life has been marred by allegations of domestic abuse within all four marriages including one to Lori which ended up leading to multiple divorces and restraining orders against both of them.

Even through his turbulent personal life, Terrence has managed to progress his career; although his actions may have damaged both his reputation and relationships.


Lori McCommas’ story embodies resilience against hardship. From art student to survivor of domestic abuse, her journey exemplifies strength and resolve. Despite challenges associated with Terrence Howard marriage, Lori remains silent while prioritising personal growth as well as caring for children’s wellbeing. Continuing her private life off camera she serves as an inspirational figure for others going through similar journeys.

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