Ligonier Valley Police Chief, Federal Investigation Into Ligonier Valley Police Chief, What We Know?

Following an investigation conducted by Homeland Security and State police against Ligonier Valley Police Department, the Ligonier Valley Police Commission made a dramatic move by firing Chief John Berger resulting from their joint raid conducted against it by Homeland Security and state police. This action caused outrage within the community as well as questions over its future direction.

What Caused Chief John Berger’s Firing?

John Berger was fired following an extraordinary event last week when Homeland Security and state police raided Ligonier Valley Police Department, placing Chief John Berger on administrative leave since Monday before their raid – leaving many questions unanswered in regards to why such actions took place and led directly to Berger being terminated from office. No concrete details are known of why Berger was fired or his reasons behind it being carried out are fully revealed, creating uncertainty for him, his department, and for members of his local community.

What Has Been the Reaction From Community Members?

Chief Berger’s dismissal has provoked strong emotions within the community. Dozens of residents attended the meeting where it was decided, showing their support for police department despite uncertainty in this difficult period. Although unsettling times, members seem united behind local law enforcement officers during such trying periods.

What Does This Signify for the Ligonier Valley Police Department’s Future??

Following these events, the Ligonier Valley Police Department remains uncertain as its fate remains in limbo. Interim Chief Mike Matrunics was appointed as interim police chief, yet no charges have yet been brought forward against any individuals. Although neither commission or supervisory board intend to disband their department altogether, their situation has certainly compromised trust and stability for local law enforcement services.


The firing and raid on Ligonier Valley Police Department sent shockwaves through Ligonier Township residents, prompting many of them to form opinions that support local law enforcement as a necessary way of maintaining safety and order in Ligonier. Residents continue to express support for law enforcement as investigations proceed – testaments to how indispensable law enforcement departments are.

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