Kaynette Williams & From Country Music’s Spotlight to Educator and Activist

Kaynette Williams (nee Kaynette Francis Gern), is more than the ex-wife of country music singer Blake Shelton. Born February 20th 1973 in Ada Oklahoma with musical aspirations as an infant, Williams eventually found herself thrust into the public eye through her relationship with Shelton. But beyond being just an ex-spouse she has an abundant life that spans hosting, teaching, entrepreneurship and horseback riding; something which make her unique among celebrity ex-partners.

What Led to Kaynette Williams and Blake Shelton’s Divorce?

Kaynette Williams and Blake Shelton first fell in love while attending high school together in Ada, Oklahoma. As high school sweethearts they eventually married on November 17th 2003 after seemingly enjoying an idealistic romance; Williams even served as road manager during Shelton’s early days of success as an artist. Unfortunately though their union only lasted three years as accusations were levelled against Shelton of “inappropriate marital conduct”, followed by him later admitting falling for country music singer Miranda Lambert!

After Her Divorce from Shelton

Kaynette Williams found solace in Oklahoma. However, fate had other plans when Shelton and Lambert relocated there as well; seeing it as an opportunity to start fresh she relocated to Kansas where she works as a math facilitator at an elementary school – her career in education having flourished considerably thanks to a masters in finance as well as human science degrees; in addition to hosting school programs as a host and advocating women’s rights activism.

Do Kaynette Williams Remarry?

Yes, Kaynette Williams found happiness again through marriage again with Cody Joe Sheck, an award-winning steer roping rodeo champion she met shortly after moving to Kansas in 2015 for a fresh start. Together they’ve begun living lives free from Shelton.


Kaynette Williams’ story of resilience and reinvention is remarkable. From her early days as an amateur music enthusiast through to her tumultuous marriage with Blake Shelton and current career path of educator/activist in Kansas, Williams has masterfully navigated life’s ups and downs gracefully; serving as an example that life beyond fame provides new beginnings with plenty of opportunity for growth.

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