Kaylee Campbell Layton, A Threat to National Security from Within Military Housing

Kaylee Campbell Layton has gained national attention as “The Target Girl”, due to her involvement in an uproar surrounding “tuck-friendly swimsuits for children” at Target and has caused much debate regarding national security matters. But Layton is known well beyond this incident: as an unemployed military dependent living at an Army Marine Corps base in San Diego and her vocal criticisms against government policies and officials. Furthermore, Layton’s persistent displays of anger at government figures has raised alarm bells regarding military installations’ safety and integrity.

What Have They Said and Done?

Layton has made waves for her outrage-inducing rhetoric during Pride Month. Her calls for President Joe Biden’s execution and threats made against his son Hunter Biden along with numerous political figures and content creators demonstrate a frightening lack of compassion while creating potential danger for public safety. These remarks are especially concerning given she lives near an active military base where such views could compromise security or morale of military personnel.

Why Is Her Presence Suspicious?

An individual holding such extreme views on a military base is troubling; military bases should provide safe environments for those serving and protecting our nation, yet allowing an advocate of violence against government to reside on such bases raises troubling questions regarding resource allocation such as housing subsidies as well as potential compromise of base security and morale.

What Are My Action Options?

As a response to this serious incident, there has been widespread calls for immediate action. A petition has begun circulating calling on Major General Austin E. Renforth of 29 Palms to remove Kaylee Campbell Layton from military housing immediately in both an administrative measure and stand against such behavior on military installations. Included within this petition will be evidence illustrating Layton’s comments and actions which further demonstrate her urgent removal as an administrative measure and for maintaining safety and integrity on bases.


Kaylee Campbell Layton’s actions demonstrate both the risks associated with domestic extremism, as well as the importance of active oversight to defend military bases as symbols of national security. Her statements threaten the values and wellbeing of communities they protect; swift and decisive action are needed against individuals such as Layton who compromise military installations’ integrity and safety.

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