Jim Ratcliffe Net Worth Who Was Jim Ratcliffe? How Rich Is Jim Ratcliffe?

Sir Jim established Ineos from operations owned by oil giant BP, creating an organization which produces chemicals and raw materials found virtually every product we encounter each day. From 194 sites spread across 29 countries, Ineos generates sales totalling over PS50billion while employing over 26,000 staff worldwide.

Jim Ratcliffe, chairman and CEO of chemicals group Ineos, made headlines recently after purchasing 25% of Manchester United. But who exactly is Jim Ratcliffe and what is his net worth?

Who Is Jim Ratcliffe?

Born October 18 1952 and growing up near Manchester in a council house environment, Jim Ratcliffe began his professional journey at oil giant Esso before going on to earn an MBA at London Business School before joining US private equity group Advent International as its Vice Chairman in 1990. Several years later in 1998 he established Ineos Chemical Group which has grown dramatically under his direction.

What Is Jim Ratcliffe’s Net Worth?

As of May 2023, Jim Ratcliffe had an estimated net worth estimated at PS29 billion and ranks among one of the UK’s richest individuals. Thanks to Ineos (founded 1998 ) becoming so successful over time has propelled his rise.

When Did He Join Ineos?

Jim Ratcliffe established Ineos in 1998 in Hampshire from a small base. Utilizing high-yield debt financing deals, Ineos acquired unwanted operations from major groups like BP with the intent to double earnings over five years – accomplishing its aim by 2006. Furthermore, Ineos expanded internationally when purchasing Innovene by purchasing its refining and petrochemical arm from BP which became part of Innovene BP’s global presence was further extended globally by purchasing Innovene from BP who later sold their operations off as unwanted operations were acquired as operations from groups like BP who sold off unwanted operations from groups like BP; acquisition of Innovene by expanding operations globally by 2006 greatly expanding global operations globally with global operations already present across its operations worldwide reach.

When Was Jim Ratcliffe Knighted?

On June 2, 2018 Jim Ratcliffe was honored by being knighted for his services to business and investment – this recognition honored for all he has done throughout his lifetime within business and investment. This acknowledgment celebrated Jim’s tremendous impactful contributions within this field of endeavor.

How Does Jim Ratcliffe Own Sports Teams?

Jim Ratcliffe is an avid sports enthusiast with multiple teams under his control, such as Manchester United (where he owns 25%), French soccer club Nice, Swiss team Lausanne and F1 motor racing team Mercedes (of which he owns one third). Additionally, Team Ineos cycling has experienced significant success at Tour de France events.

Does He Have Children?

Jim Ratcliffe has two sons from his first marriage – George and Samuel – as well as one daughter named Julia by second wife Alicia; these three reportedly wed in late 90s but later separated due to financial strain; Ratcliffe then relocated his properties from Chelsea and Hampshire to Monaco as tax haven in 2020.

Jim Ratcliffe has become one of the premier figures in both business and sports ownership with his success as both an entrepreneur and his passion for football – specifically Manchester United as a major stakeholder – cementing him firmly within both industries. Furthermore, investing in Manchester United further solidified Jim’s place among leading businesspeople as an industry influencer and sports enthusiast.

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