Jason Citron Net Worth, how He Got Into Tech, CEO in Which Company?

Jason Citron (born 21 September 1987; 36 Years Old ) is an American entrepreneur and developer best known for creating Discord, one of the largest chat platforms for gamers launched in 2015. Today it boasts more than 150 Million net worth estimated at $15 Billion as per 2024 estimates.

Jason Citron was born September 21 in San Francisco and represents modern entrepreneurship. Coming from an electricity consulting family, Citron was exposed to technology and gaming from an early age thanks to his father’s support and influence; eventually learning QBASIC programming language at 13 and creating his first video game! At Full Sail University he earned his degree in game design & development – embarking upon his path as an innovator within tech.

How Has Jason Achieved His Success?

Jason Citron began his professional journey working as a game programmer at Stormfront Studios, Double Fine Productions and Papaya Studio as an intern before founding OpenFeint with Peter Relan and Danielle Cassley in 2009. Since its conception, OpenFeint quickly revolutionized mobile gaming through features such as leaderboards, achievements and chat – quickly amassing over 100 Million Users and 7,000 Games within six months before being acquired for $104 Million by GREE in 2011.

Discord’s Beginning and Progression.

After selling OpenFeint, Citron continued his entrepreneurial spirit; realizing gamers needed their own communication platform, he co-founded Discord alongside Stanislav Vishnevskiy in 2015. Discord was founded to offer gamers seamless communication tools including voice calls, video calls and text chat; soon becoming popular among gamers due to its user-friendly design; by 2024 Discord had amassed 150 Million Users worldwide with its valuation reaching $15 Billion – testaments of Citron’s foresightful approach in tech.

Jason Citron Is Known to Influence Tech and Gaming Communities

Jason Citron’s contributions to tech and gaming industries go well beyond simply creating successful platforms; his journey serves as an inspiring beacon for many young entrepreneurs and developers. By constantly identifying market gaps through passion for gaming and finding creative solutions to them, Citron not only achieved personal success through founding global gaming networks he founded himself; his estimated net worth of approximately $800 Million represents how vision, passion, and perseverance can transform industries en route to extraordinary achievements like his.

The Closer

Jason Citron’s transformation from gaming enthusiast to tech entrepreneur serves as an inspirational testament of innovation and determination, serving not only to expand gaming communities such as Discord but setting new standards in tech entrepreneurship – further cementing him as one of the greatest visionaries within tech today and inspiring generations yet unborn to pursue goals through relentless innovation and action.

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