How Old Is Tanjiro Age, Height, And More Things You Want to Know

“Demon Slayer” has taken anime fans by storm, captivating viewers with its dark themes and emotional narrative. At its center lies Tanjiro Kamado – an 11 year-old boy thrust into demon slaying after experiencing unexpected tragedy – but how exactly old exactly is Tanjiro, and does his age impact his journey?

Who is Tanjiro Kamado?

Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist of “Demon Slayer”, finds himself thrust upon an exciting mission of demon slaying after watching his family suffer an attack from demons that causes one member – Nezuko – to turn into one herself, prompting Tanjiro on an exciting mission of demon slaying to try and restore Nezuko back into humanity – this tragic turn-of-event pushing Tanjiro into becoming adept in demon slaying techniques so he may help bring her back into humanity again – forcing Tanjiro into becoming adept demon slayer techniques so he may help restore Nezuko back into humanity once more!

Starting the series off as just 13-years-old, Tanjiro finds himself shouldering great responsibility at just 13-years old – an extremely young age to shoulder such responsibilities. Yet as time marches forward through episode 3, time slips away, and by episode three he had aged to 15. Such quick maturation occurs regularly throughout this storyline as characters must grow quickly amid constant danger and threats to survival.

How Does Tanjiro’s Age Compare to Other Main Characters?

Tanjiro’s age fits with that of many main characters from “Demon Slayer.” Nezuko begins the series at 12 years old but soon matures into being 14 as time progresses. Tanjiro often associates with two teenagers: Inosuke Hashibira (15) and Zenitsu Agatsuma (16). Of them, only Inosuke shares Tanjiro’s age (15); Zenitsu is slightly older at 16.

Hashira is one of the elite members of Demon Slayer Corps and stands between 19-22 years of age – depicted by characters like Rengoku and Giyu who are only 20-21. Their young age emphasizes their harsh world where demon slayers often don’t live long enough to reach old age.

What About the Adult Characters?

At “Demon Slayer”, its main characters may be young; however, adult figures also play key roles. Rengoku Hashira of Flame has 20 years old while Tengen Uzui from Sound Hashira stands 23 years old in this present-day storyline. Giyu Tomioka who sets Tanjiro onto his path has 21 years.

Kanao Tsuyuri, one of Giyu’s Hashira allies who often battles alongside her at only 16 years old, shows extraordinary skills at such an early age. These characters represent older incarnations of demon slayers; yet remain relatively young themselves to emphasize how dangerous and brief their careers as demon slayers may be.

The Age of Demons

“Demon Slayer” depicts demons with longer lifespans than its human characters; Muzan Kibutsuji stands thousands of years, while many members of his Twelve Kizuki have only lived several hundred years at most. Such disparity of age makes the battle between Demon Slayer Corps and demons all the more intense and daunting.


“Demon Slayer” explores age as more than simply a number. Instead, it reflects the harsh realities of its world where young individuals must grow quickly into heroes to combat ancient and powerful demons they face. Characters like Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke and Zenitsu demonstrate impressive strength and resilience despite being young; age will never stand in their way in fighting demons! Throughout the series it will be fascinating to witness their growth against ancient and powerful foes they encounter.

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