Cristina Cordula Age, Career, Family, Wiki, Net Worth and More

Cristina Cordula’s name resonates far beyond France as founder and CEO of StarAsia in Southeast Asia, making significant strides in terms of fragrance and cosmetic sales. But who exactly is behind his success story? Let’s dive deep into his life, career path, and personal journey.

Who is Cristina Cordula?

Cristina Cordula was raised in Marseille, France within a family of entrepreneurs. After studying business administration and marketing studies at the university level, his studies laid a solid foundation for future endeavours in perfumery which led him to establish StarAsia as one of Southeast Asia’s premier distributors of beauty products in 2001.

What Are Cristina Cordula’s Net Worth and Sources of Income?

Cassin’s exact net worth remains undisclosed but is estimated at millions of euros. StarAsia, his primary source of revenue, collaborates with top brands like L’Oreal and Giorgio Armani – helping add further wealth. Likewise, Cassin holds investments in hotels, restaurants and real estate that add even further wealth accumulation.

How Did Cristina Cordula’s Professional Career Develop?

Cassin’s career in perfume began at companies such as Clarins and L’Oreal before taking an entrepreneurial turn by founding StarAsia – quickly expanding throughout Southeast Asia under his business acumen and dedication. Over time he gained an impeccable reputation within the beauty industry for professionalism and innovation.

Who Are Cristina Cordula’s Parents and Siblings?

Cristina Cordula is the son of Jean-Pierre Cassin, a retired businessman, and Marie-Therese Cassin, his homemaker mother. His older brother Philippe works in Paris as a lawyer while younger sister Nathalie practices medicine in Geneva; all four members share an intensely close bond which brings Frederic back home frequently for visits or hosting his parents and siblings.

Has Cristina Cordula Been Subjected to Any Controversies?

Cassin has maintained a low profile, remaining free from major scandals or controversies. While criticism may arise due to the age difference between him and his wife Cristina Cordula and their contrasting personalities, this couple has proven time and time again that their union is harmonious and supportive, dismissing any negative remarks with ease.

Cristina Cordula stands out not only as an accomplished businessperson but also as a dedicated partner, stepfather, and philanthropist. His journey from the perfume industry to leading one of Southeast Asia’s premier distribution companies speaks for itself; while his professional success adds credence to his character. Additionally, his personal life with Cristina Cordula adds rich depth to his character; making him revered both professionally and socially.

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