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British music in the 90s witnessed Brian Lee Harvey’s meteoric ascension from passionate vocalist to celebrated icon with East 17 pop group. Born August 8th 1974 in Walthamstow London – Harvey rose quickly due to his impressive vocal abilities and stage presence which catapulted them to success and fame. Here we explore Brian Harvey’s net worth, age and height as well as how profoundly influential he had on music industry.

Who is Brian Harvey?

Brian Harvey began his musical journey as lead vocalist of East 17 in 1991 by responding to Tony Mortimer’s advertisement seeking singers for their new boy band. East 17 quickly rose in popularity in England thanks to hit songs like House of Love,” Deep”, and Stay Another Day”, featuring Harvey’s soulful voice as an integral component.

Harvey was part of East 17 for two albums until they experienced some controversy that eventually resulted in him leaving following an interview with The Sun newspaper in 1997. Undaunted, Harvey pursued solo endeavors before later reforming E-17 as they found modest success with two top 20 singles and their album Resurrection.

Harvey also found success as an entertainer on television shows like “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!” and “Celebrity Big Brother”. Harvey took part in charitable efforts as well as openly discussing his struggles against depression and addiction – showing the depth and breadth of his personality, which remains influential within British music today.

What is Brian Harvey’s Net Worth?

Brian Harvey currently boasts an estimated net worth of $50 Million as of 2024 due to the success of East 17, solo projects, and television appearances. Although Harvey may have experienced periods of uncertainty throughout his career, these financial achievements bear witness to his lasting mark on entertainment industry.

Harvey’s net worth demonstrates his diverse career path spanning music, television and charity work. Harvey’s ability to adapt and reinvent himself alongside his natural musical talent have all played key roles in his financial achievements.

How Old is Brian Harvey?

At 48, Brian Harvey has experienced an extraordinary journey that spans from London singer/vocalist to national music icon status – one filled with artistic growth, personal challenges and triumphant comebacks after numerous setbacks along his path.. Harvey continues his relevance within music even with all these challenges in place and continues being relevant today.

Harvey is now approaching 50, reflecting an extensive career that spans decades of music and celebrity culture evolution. That he remains relevant even now after decades of dedication speaks volumes of both his talent and its lasting appeal to both fans of contemporary pop and hip-hop alike.


Brian Lee Harvey’s tale is one of extraordinary talent, determination and reinvention. From East 17’s meteoric rise to solo careers and television appearances spanning two decades as well as being valued at $50 Million net worth at 48 years old; Harvey continues to influence and motivate a new generation of musicians and fans today; his journey stands as testament to talent’s enduring nature as well as music’s transformative powers.

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